Convenience Center

convenience center

The Convenience Center is open to residents of Hopewell and Greenwich only. PERMITS ARE REQUIRED.  Residents can obtain a permit to use the Convenience Center at the Hopewell Township Municipal Building, 590 Shiloh Pike, Bridgeton. 


Hopewell/Greenwich Convenience Center

539 Trench Road

Bridgeton, New Jersey

Hours of Operation

The Convenience Center is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Am I eligible for a permit?

Only residents of Hopewell and Greenwich are eligible for a Convenience Center pass and are entitled to use the Shared Waste Facility. There is a limit of two permits per household. Residential property owners who do not live in Hopewell must have their tenants obtain a permit.  If there are no tenants, please arrange for a private entity to provide for trash pickup. Businesses are required to recycle and have trash removed from their facility. Commercial vehicles are not eligible for permits. There are no exceptions to these rules.

How do I obtain a permit?

You may obtain a permit at the Township Municipal Building.  Please bring with you proof of identification showing residency along with a copy of the registration to the vehicle you are using to transport your items.  If you have recently relocated here and your ID does not show your correct address, please bring with you a utility bill confirming your address.  There is no fee for the permit.

What types of materials are not permitted?

No construction debris is permitted. Please obtain a dumpster if you are performing renovations or large projects. In addition, no tires, batteries, shingles, chemicals, oil-based paints or solvents are accepted. They are disposed of through the Cumberland County Improvement Authority Household Waste Days.

How do I obtain a Recycling Container?

Recycling containers are free with the permit and can be picked up at the Township Municipal Building during office hours.

For a full sheet of INFORMATION & RULES, click here.

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