Hopewell Township News and Notices

Construction Office Closing
Hopewell Township's Construction Office will be closing effective April 1, 2017, when we will begin a shared services partnership with Upper Deerfield.

Office hours in Upper Deerfield are 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday. The Office is located at 1325 Route 77 in Seabrook. For all construction-related questions, please call 856-455-9591.

Hopewell Township residents or contractors may still pick up or drop off construction permit applications at the Hopewell Township Municipal building, or utilize the Construction/Code Office in Upper Deerfield.

Hopewell is Hoppin!

Tons of new businesses have opened in Hopewell in the past few years, and more are on the way. Please visit Our Local Businesses page for a list of all the active businesses in Hopewell, as well as links to business websites and their Facebook pages. 

Dog Licenses and Rabies Clinic
Please renew your dog licenses either in person at the Municipal Building or by mail. All rabies shots must be valid through October 31, 2017 in order for the Dog Registrar to issue new licenses.

Pet owners who do not license their dogs before March 15 will be required to pay a late fee of $10 per dog. An additional $15 late fee per dog will be applied after May 1.

Telecommunications Update
Following a hearing in Trenton in December, the Board of Public Utilities has agreed to move forward with complaints filed by Hopewell and many other municipalities in South Jersey. For your convenience, the NJTV news story is available to the right.

The Philadelphia Inquirer also covered the story.

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Helpful Information

A Message from New Jersey State Police
Remember to secure your property by locking the doors to your home, vehicles, garages, and shed. Contact the NJ State Police Crime Watch tip line at 856-451-6034 if you observe any suspicious activity.

Did You Know?

State law requires landlords who rent (Non-Owner Occupied) houses, apartments, or buildings to register certain information with the Clerk of the city or town where the building is located.  If your building contains three or more apartments, the landlord must also register with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Housing Inspections, PO Box 810, Trenton, NJ  08625-0810.  Required forms and a copy of the ordinance are available here.

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