Registrar and Dog Registrar

Registrar of Vital Statistics

The Registrar's Office is responsible for monitoring and maintaining vital records and statistics, including births, deaths, and marriages. The Registrar is able to issued certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates upon request. 

For Vital Records requests, please apply in person. An online form is available for your convenience. 

Marriage License INSTRUCTIONS: 

Required Items at the time of drop off: 

1.  A Check for $28.00

2.  An Adult Witness

3.  A Valid State ID  

4. A completed NJ Dept. of Health APPLICATION FOR LICENSE 

DO NOT sign your documents until you drop them off. You need to sign in front of the Registrar.

Registrar's Fees

Service Fee
Certified Death Certificate $10 each
Certified Birth Certificate $20 each
Certified Marriage Certificate $10 each
Marriage Application (NJ Regulated) $28 each
Burial Fee (NJ Regulated) $15 each

Dog Registrar

The Dog Registrar is responsible for ensuring that dogs in the Township are licensed. Pet owners must license their dog with the Dog Registrar each year.

In order for us to issue the license, each dog must have a valid rabies vaccination. A vaccination that expires before October 31st of the calendar year is not considered to be valid. 

Cumberland County also additional information on rabies vaccinations.

Please note that pet owners who do not license their dogs by certain dates will be required to pay a late fee.

Rabies Clinics.2023.pdf

Contact Us

  1. Leo Selb

    Registrar of Vital Statistics

    Phone: 856-455-1230

    ext. 110


    Jeannette Pace

    Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics

    Phone: 856-455-1230

    ext. 118


Dog License Fees

Dog License Fee
Spayed/Neutered $10 per dog
Not Spayed/Neutered $15 per dog
Licensed After April 30 ($15 late fee) $20/$25 per dog
Licensed After June 30 ($25 late fee) $35/$40 per dog